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Shawna M. Dunworth has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Holistic Wellness, Intuitive Consultancy, and Business Consultancy.   Her biggest dedication is to assist others to live in full alignment and to live their mission powerfully.  She has witnessed her clients experience miracles in every area of life.  She is committed to assisting her clients to live in Alignment with God and to experience true lasting peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and success in their lives in all areas including personal, family, and professional.

What Clients are Saying

"Wow! What an amazing session! I went into the session feeling uncertain with the direction of my business. Even before the session was over, I was beginning to feel a sense of ease, flow + clarity coming through! Talk about quantum leap - I am not second guessing myself or feel the need to be a perfectionist. Just show up and be! It feels amazing to feel safe in my body expressing and owning my truth!" -K.R.. NY

"Shawna is a radiant soul who always feels uplifting and easy to be around.  By the time we were done with the first session, I felt so much lighter, like I’d released a specific burden I’d been carrying for years. She is such a positive energy whose very presence makes you feel supported, rooted-on, and empowered. I feel she is doing some important work for people!"  L.C.,  CA

"Shawna brings a grounded, intelligent approach to her soul-liberating work. She’s trustworthy, you can trust her to listen and to bring her skills to bear to help you gain your access to yourself and accomplish what you’re up to. "-R.H., CA

"Even 1 session feels like it's 10+ years of therapy in 1 hour. Everyday is a chance to integrate the huge gifts of inner knowing and love as I feel into a new way of living without major fears that had plagued me for decades. I transformed fears of not being enough, not being worthy, being cursed because of judgments of my dark skin color, into whole hearted Universally given gifts of absolute joy and peace and strength and love. Deep bows of humble gratitude for this seriously amazing work. I encourage you to start a conversation with Shawna about this work." -C.S. Felton, CA

"I’ve been a healer for many years but I’d never come across the type of healing Shawna facilitated. We worked together over 11 sessions and to say she liberated me from a lifetime of limiting beliefs is an understatement. Shawna really did change my world and one of the major things she supported me in was releasing the traumas of my first birth in order to birth my son safely and in my full power at home. It was so amazing and I can’t thank her enough. If you have even the slight tug to work with her, I say dive right in x"

-Maria B., UK



"Shawna is an extraordinary healer and dynamic steward of sessions. She combines a lifetime of healing modalities, into a single, powerful session. Her enthusiasm will tickle you and inspire you to be as joyful as she is. I feel lucky to work with someone who walks the talk."

-Prachi M, CO

To book a Discovery Call Phone Session:

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